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Deploy and Upgrade Wordpress as Docker container with Ansible[Autosave]

Wordpress is the most known and used CMS on the internet. It is said to host more than 50% of all sites. Here I give you the simplest way how to deploy it on your premises with monitoring and backup/restore capability as simple as possible. I am a developer of Lokal - yet another DIY server tool, that uses ansible to manage the services. Wordpress is our most used service so we put a lot of care into the ansible logic to make sure that upgrades are as seamless as possible.

First, I will describe how to install Lokal on your server in the most basic configuration - that is database, monitoring and Wordpress as the front-page. Second, I will go into the technical detail of our ansible script so you can have a confidence in our tool as well.

Install db, monitoring and Wordpress

$ git clone https://github.com/Wakoma/Lokal.git && cd Lokal
$ ansible-playbook -i hosts/local playbook.yml

This is the simplest way how to install basic Lokal (db, monitoring and wordpress) on your local computer 

The docker container has a startup script, that does a few things - mainly populates two